Le' Fringe 930 Hair Design Studio

930 Oak Grove Rd, Jackson, MI, 49203

Le' Fringe 930 Hair Design Studio

930 Oak Grove Rd

Jackson, MI, 49203

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Moe’s new fall look ...
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On fire for fall

To all my clients I’m sorry that I have sad news. Vivian was diagnosed with cancer instead of trying to prolong her life which it wouldn’t be quality life and just adding a few more months, we decided to say goodbye. Give her peace. She wasn’t eating only small amounts off and on. She hadn’t ate since last Friday. I know this is going to be sad for all of you as it is for me when you show up for your appointment. I know that she will be with us in spirit.❤️
All from one head .... Covid haircut
Covid eyebrows
[06/15/20]   Big week this week
I’m ready
[06/05/20]   It’s official June 15
As we prepare to open here in Michigan

Year 1919 open air Barber shop @ University of California during a outbreak of influenza pandemic

Let’s get back to work ... can’t wait to use these
[04/27/20]   Let’s talk ... thinking of going to your natural color after the quarantine? There are ways we can make that happen so you don’t have the skunk line..,any color can be beautiful if your hair is healthy

[03/16/20]   From this moment on, till further notice, I will not be accepting new clients. I’m only taking my regular guests that I have seen in the last 6 months.
Vitality Extracts Essential Oils "I'm a cosmetologist. I"m working with a lot of clients with thinning or no hair problems. I'm seeing good results, I myself have hair problems. I have been to hair restoration clubs and was told that my hair will never grow back. Since I have been using your product, I am seeing hair growth."
- Laurette G.

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Angela Hadley had her color done last Saturday .. look at this color in the sunlight !!!!
Work in progress

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Four Nine This lady has her scalp unclogged and the results are amazing 😱
This little love had her first hair cut this morning ❤️ warms my heart to part of these moments

Four Nine The hottest hair hacks from last year 💇‍♀️😍
Beauty Insider Well now🤷‍♀️💇‍♀️ Why this haircut costs $1,000.

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