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Recent social media posts by Identities Salon

[06/05/20]   Great news!

We can open June 15! We have you all on our lists to call for an appointment. Please be patient and grant us grace as we try our best to organize this. We will be reaching out to each of you!
Would you like to see some of the things we have been up to at the salon?

We have..

- added an additional handicap parking spot

- touched up paint and repainted walls

- redid the bathroom

- cut trees down in the front

- made new retail displays

- put up our logo on the desk

- put out new retail and clothes

- got a new booking system

- 3 new products from our personal skin care line will be rolled out in a couple weeks!

We are ready for you and can not wait to see you!
Bethany says,

Hello Facebook world (that I haven't been a part of for eons)! Thankfully, we are all healthy and holding up ok. I've crafted some collages to show you what my life has looked like in quarantine. My clients know that I'm not so good in the kitchen, so I've been attempting to cook and bake a lot. And, of course, make my family pose for a picture to remind them that I was quite a chef for a short period of time in their lives. I've also been putting together puzzles, playing lots of games, having campfires for s'mores, drinking tons of coffee, and taking our dogs for lots of walks on the KalHaven trail which we live right next to. However, I really think the best part of quarantine (besides never having to put on make up) is the break from constantly thinking about what needs to get done, what child needs to be where, and who needs what from me next. In saying all of that, I'm very ready
to get back into life again. I miss you all and I'm excited to get back into the salon and hear all about your adventures...even though that means putting make up on again! Hope to see you soon!
Do not Google cutting your hair. We are excited to enter the next phase for opening Michigan, unfortunately that does not include us but brings it that much closer to our turn to open!

In today's update the Governor suggested googling "how to do a haircut." We highly suggest going with the ponytail option instead. Hair stylists are well educated individuals who spent many years learning the correct technique for cutting hundreds of different hair types. They use high quality, expensive tools that give precise cuts to your unique face shape. We also pay our state money to be licensed and we are following our state's orders to not cut hair right now. So no, Governor, we should not be suggesting to Google 'how to cut hair.'

Thank you to our amazing clients for continuing to wait for us in what we hope is just a little while longer! 😊
A note from Kim Moran!

I have been busy painting and doing yard work! We just opened our pool! Lots of house work and I'm ready to get back to hair and see everybody! I miss socializing and enjoying people. Hope to see you all soon!
There is no better time than the present to put in front of you all the things you want to learn and do!

What is something new you have tried or did during this reflective season we are in?
Shannon says,

Hello! I miss everyone! Thank goddness for FaceTime. That seems like the only way to stay "physically" connected these days. Thanks to FaceTime I get to have girls night...almost every night🤗 I never thought I would mind staying home, until someone told me I can't leave, now I mind. It must be the rebel inside me😉
I am lucky enough to not have to worry too much about finances right now, with my husband still working. I want to thank my wonderful clients who have "checked in" on us to make sure all is well. I appreciate all of you!!
Now that there is no school I have become an awesome 1st grade teacher if I do say so myself. Silas might say otherwise. I spend most of my days finding a balance between school work, screen time and being outside. I have been crafting more and gardening too. I now have no excuse to let anything die.
Silas seems to be very happy staying at home with mom. All day. Everyday.😳 it is amazing to watch him learn right in front of my eyes. This is something I would miss if there was school.
What is that...... he is calling me AGAIN. I miss you all! Hope everyone is staying healthy and sane. As my co-worker said " I won't do mine till I can do yours!" See ya soon🤞🏻
Hearing from Michele!

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! I hope you're all doing well, and I hope the rain backs off so you can enjoy some sunshine.

I've been keeping pretty close to home these last couple of months, as I'm sure you have as well.
Unfortunately, my Dad passed away unexpectedly during that time. Since then, my family and I have been navigating through all the many things which that entails.

Sam and Joey are both at home, so it's been nice to spend a little extra time with them, along with Mike.

I'd like to say I've been getting a lot of house projects done but, that isn't the case. I have however, been doing some planting and gardening when the weather cooperates, and of course enjoying my food & wine, perhaps a little too much!

I miss you all, hang in there, & hopefully I will be seeing you soon. Until then, take care.

Michele Whitmer extends stay-home order, closures of gyms, salons and other businesses to June 12 Another update of extending our closure to June 12.

Again, we are not taking appointments until we have a definitive date, as we can see this being extended past June 12. 😞

We hope you have a blessed Memorial Weekend! The governor mentioned the possibility of an extension during a Thursday press conference.
Maribel says Hola!
Today we hear from Mrs. Debbie Bell!

I hope you all are healthy and safe during the pandemic. I'm anxious to get back to the salon and do some hair. Look forward to seeing you all soon hopefully. My house has never been so clean. Watching a lot of great shows on Netflix, on my 11th jigsaw puzzle. Working in the garden and finally opened our cottage. Spending quality time with my husband. I am anxious for life to resume back to the new normal. Stay safe and I shall see you soon ❤️
A message from Shana!

Hi everyone! I miss my whole Identities' family so very much! I never realized how much I depend on the relationship and social interaction of my coworkers and clients. We spend more time together then most of us will with our extended family members in a year's span of time.

The day the shutdown of salons was announced, I cried. Not only fear of losing income for an unknown amount of time, but I am very much a creature of habit and my whole world was turned upside down in an moment. Thank God I am blessed with an amazing husband, incredible boys, and a great support system. Time to reflect allowed me to find my blessing in all of this.....So many times through life (especially moments with my boys) I have wished time would slow down, hit the pause button for a while.

Right now there should be work, school, softball, off season wrestling practice, dentist appointments, doctors appointments, moving the college kid home. But there isn't any of this. I get to hit the pause button, time has slowed down! I'm embracing it wholeheartedly! I am spending time doing things I want to do instead of the things I have to do. I am enjoying my family, getting home projects done, playing in my flowers and pretending every day is Saturday!😁 Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait to see you all again but I am enjoying this time!

In the meantime I want you all to know I'm rocking the gray hair, split ends, and crazy eyebrows in solidarity with all my clients! I won't do mine till I can do yours!💕 #QuarantineHairDontCare🤷‍♀️
A Monday update from Pat!

I have been trying to keep myself busy everyday! I sewed about 60 facial masks, Tom and I worked on getting the deck finally stained, worked endlessly in my flower gardens and cleaning inside. Also had a surprise parade of cars for my birthday. It has been nice for Tom and I to have this time together but we both agree we are very ready to get back to work! Missing family and friends and praying daily that everyone is healthy including staff and our clients at Identities Salon!
Happy Saturday!

Just a quick message from our amazing massage therpist, Danielle Adams reminding us to do self care during this time!
We will be doing personal updates from staff. Today we will hear from Michael O'Heran!

Michael says,

Of course, it’s been difficult to be off of work for so long and I certainly miss seeing everyone at Identities; the clients as well as other staff members.

I thought I’d take a minute and let you all know some of the things I’ve been up to. I’m not one to sit around and do nothing, so I like to have a project to work on. I like to be outside so I have been busy painting an exterior door, a dock, and a couple of closets, building a fire pit, power washing the patio, house, and driveway, and organizing a shed.

It’s been nice to have time at home with my wife. We’ve taken many walks, the dog has sure enjoyed that!
I kayak when I can and Corinne has joined me several times. We’ve certainly missed our friends and family, and our grandson! Corinne has been busy making masks.

I think it’s important that we take something away from this whole experience, perhaps a lesson to be learned.
Near the beginning of all of this, a friend posted a video and shared this thought (I printed it and it is on my nightstand. It’s a good thing for me to remember!) : “I believe that now is the time for God to prepare you, in private, for what He is going to do through you in public.”

Miss you all! Stay well!

Try this!

This shows how hairstylists take chemistry and light into consideration when putting custom color together for you!

We can't wait to get back to it!
News Did you see our Salon featured on the news tonight?
Here is the recap!
Thank you Wwmt News Channel 3/Cw 7!
We can't wait to see you BECAUSE....
To the moms, were moms, wants to be a mom, fur baby moms and everything in between, you are ONE IN A MILLION!

We celebrate you whatever your title is!
Anneland Creations We are putting together kits! These would make excellent mothers day gifts! Facial kits are also available! Let us know if you would like one! I know these times can be frustrating right now and I’m sure all of our nails are looking extra “special”. To try and help, you can now bring a little bit of AnneLand home to you! I have put together at home manicure and pedicure kits. The kits will be available for curbside pick up at Identities Salon and Boutique on Saturday, May 9th between 10:00am - 2:00pm.

Below are detailed lists on what each kit will include and prices. My regular products will also be available if you should need anything extra.

Manicure Kit - $18
- Step by step instructions how to best use kit
- Table towel to help protect surface
- Acetone wipe
- File
- Cuticle eraser stone
- Buffer block
- Mini CND SolarOil
- Moisturizing glove treatment
- Mini clear coat
- Coupon for 15% off your first service back w/ me

Pedicure Kit -$20
- Step by step instructions how to best use kit
- Table towel to help protect surface
- Acetone wipe
- File
- Cuticle eraser stone
- Buffer block
- Mini CND SolarOil
- Heel pumice bar
- Moisturizing sock treatment
- Toe separators
- Mini clear coat
- Coupon for 15% off your first service back w/ me

Add on Items
- 32oz pump citrus lotion -$10
- Mini CND SolarOil -$4
- Diamond heel smoother -$8
- Pedi paddle kit with extra grit pads -$15
- Travel lotion -$3 ea.
•Lavender Sage
•Rose Water
•Vanilla Mint
•Sweet Citrus
- Shellac removal kit -$10
- 3 way nail file buffer -$1
- OPI nail envy -$18

Number of kits will be limited, so if you’d like to reserve a kit before Saturday simply reach out to me to make sure one will be available. I will personally be there to make the exchange. Please know that I will be following all guidelines to keep us safe during the process (gloves, mask, etc.)

I know this isn’t perfect but I am hoping this can help! Miss you all and please let me know if you need ANYTHING!! 🖤💅 Identities Salon & Boutique Check out our NEW Identities merchandise!

Every purchase helps us while we are shut down along with supporting this small t-shirt design company! It's win-win!

Anyone who comes to their appointment in a shirt from here (doesn't have to say Identities) receives a free gift! 🎁 Thank you for your continued support! Shop Identities Salon & Boutique collection.
You are on our list We know you want an appointment on the calendar but it's a lot of work to keep rescheduling everyone.

Each team member is keeping a list of clients in the order you were cancelled. Once we have a definitive date we can open, your person will be getting a hold of you to schedule your appointment.

If you had an appointment that was missed or are regularly on someone schedule you can rest assure that you are on the list to call. If you would like to be added to someone's list you can call the salon and leave your name, phone number and who's list you would like to be added to and we will make sure your added.

Thank you for your patience!
It's crazy that hairstylist appreciation week is during a time when they can not be in the salon creating their magic!

I am very thankful for each of my stylists and their commitment to Identities and each of you!

Please drop some encouragement to your favorite stylist below and be sure to tag them! 💗
New stuff in!

Since we have a little time on our hands we are posting some of our new stuff on here with size and price. Comment SOLD with your email and you can pick it up or we can do local delivery!

Please hit 'like' by the styles you would want to see more of in different sizes and patterns!

We can't wait for you to see ALL our new goodies in the salon!
We miss you! The longer we are away, the more we miss you!

You are not forgotten!!
We are available for local delivery if you need products. Also, we can do virtual hair consultations for any issue you may be having. Your stylists will be reaching out to you as soon as we can open!

Stay safe!
The last of our winter clearance!

Comment SOLD along with your email address.

Free shipping for the kalamazoo area and outskirts of kalamazoo!
We would typically be having our winter clearance right now in the salon, but since we can not, we are bringing it here!

Comment SOLD and your email on the item you would like and we will send you an invoice.

Must be in Kalamazoo area or outskirts of kalamazoo to place an order without shipping fees.
April 30 As most of you have heard, we have to keep our doors closed until April 30.

We realize everyone will want in as soon as we can open, we are keeping track of everyone that could not come in during this time and we will be working hard to get you all in when we can.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience!
We are predicting that a grey ombre will be all the rage this month! 😄

We feel your pain and wish we could help. Here is a place you can get temporary help until you can see us!
It offers coverage for your grocery outings and is delivered right to your door.

We can't wait to see you!
Are you running low on your products?

You can visit our website and order all your Skinscript and AnteAGE products, they will be shipped for free right to your door!

If you need any other products from the salon please let us know and we will see if we can ship them to you!
It is with heavy hearts that we are closing the salon effective tonight due to the virus. We are told we can open again on April 13. If you have an appointment during that time frame we will be getting a hold of you to reschedule. Our receptionist will not be in to take phone calls so you can email us at [email protected] if any questions or concerns come up before your stylist reaches you.

We look forward to seeing each of you again. Please stay healthy and find moments in the quietness to enjoy!
I actually had to look to make sure it's Thursday because does anyone really know what day it is now? 😅

We promise, the time and money you will have to put in to get it corrected will make it not worth it!

Be rest assured, we always make sure our space is wiped down and clean many times throughout the day but we are taking extra precautions and doing it way more often!

Also, we have colloidal silver spray for sale in our wellness area. This can be sprayed in your mouth for an added immunity booster or on surfaces to combat germs! It is $8!

My information about it can be read here.

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