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The new 2020 blonde color trends are warmth!
I know the gold word can be super scary when talking about blondes!!
Like... not to brassy, not red, just warmth.
Compare the long washed out COVID blonde to the shorter fresh golden blonde. It has all the warm shiny amber hints running thru.
Sorry 😐 I’m having some technical difficulties tonight. COVID-19 | SUPERIORSALONANDSPA Stephanie Perrier is currently scheduling all of her guest appointments. Here's the latest details if you missed out on the e-mail sent out. 
[05/27/20]   Steph P Lost her phone in the lake. For all of you that have messaged me or contacted me in the last few days try sending me a message here on Facebook and let me know. Summer is officially here. Who else has lost a phone to a lake or just getting it wet?
Anyone who knows Steph P will day this makes Cents 😉😆
😂🥰 gatta awe the song in the comment pic 😆 Here's what Gov. Whitmer told TV6 & FOX UP today about hair salons and gyms reopening. Learn more here:
Thanks Natalie Carolyn Photography for referring us!
Are you having a rough day? You’re not alone! I’ve been there, too. Whenever I’m struggling, simply whispering “You got this!” to myself really reminds me to keep on keeping on. You can hit your reset button anytime. In case you need a little extra boost today, consider this post the virtual fist bump you need to tackle your to-do list. What keeps you going on hard days lately?
Spread a little goodness and hope! Purchase this comfy T-shirt from Yooper Shirts to support Spread Goodness Day and the Marquette The Women's Center! *May Fundraiser*☀️😎

Support SGD and The Women's Center with a comfy, limited edition “Spread Goodness and Hope” t-shirt from Yooper Shirts!

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It’s that time again! Time to roll out my gratitude list and give credit where credit is due. First of all, I want to thank Tammy. Next, I want to give a shout out to Marybeth. Last but certainly not least, I want to give some love to Chris, Abby, and Barb. You all will look fabulous with your new root color, and for that I thank you! I wish I could be teaching you something like a new style or hair trick but instead I have taught you how to touch up those grays. What I want most for you in this time is for you to feel confident about the way you look.
This zoom meting is available to the public. I don’t know what the agenda is but I’m hoping to get some knowledge and answers. If you don’t call in no big deal. I’ll do a special update email if there is anything good to share. We are asking for a call to arms.

This Thursday at 1pm the Board of Cosmetology will be holding their next meeting via Zoom.

All members of the public may attend and participate in this meeting by
dialing the number below at the time of the meeting.
Web Link:
Password: 1U8S14
Phone Number:
Dial: 877-336-1831
Conference code: 486917

The meeting will begin at its regularly scheduled time, but members of the public may access
the meeting at the above phone number 15 minutes before it begins.

Let's show up and let them know that we need some answers from them as well as from Lansing.

Hope to see a bunch of you there!
Is it just me, or does our society seem to be moving at 100 mph thanks to technology? While that may be nice when it comes to 2-day Amazon Prime shipping. Sometimes I need to slow down. In order to keep my mind sharp for my business and my family, I have to turn my mind off every once in a while. My favorite way is by relaxing listening to an audio book. Today, I’m watching the last of the snow melt while listening to some Stephen king. Tell me, how do you slow down in this fast-paced world?
Thanks! Thanks to everyone for hanging out with me Friday night! Thanks for ordering or just showing up and saying hi. Can’t wait to see you all when we open back up!
30% off live in salon sale. One hour only. Contact free delivery for before Mother’s Day!

Is it snowing
A. raked your yard
B. put your lawn furniture out
C. watched a Christmas related show
What are you waiting for? It’s pedicure season, I’ve found myself longing for your feet in my face again and although patience is not my strongest virtue, I keep reminding myself that good things take time. The same goes for you, friend: This won’t last forever, and when I can reopen it will be better than you could have imagined! What are you patiently waiting for?
What have I been up to? Well, it’s officially spring now. There are flowers starting to bloom in my yard and so many leaves! My arms will remain strong for my return to work. What fun activities have you been doing outside?
🍂Steph P
What should I do??
Lifesaver! Watch previous video & you’ll get it.
My hair feels like melting cotton candy
[05/03/20]   Who got their first sunburn this week?
Mask drop off & Trying to keep the plants alive
[04/30/20]   Welcome to @sssmqt! Have a seat and allow me to introduce myself. I’m Stephanie Perrier (Beltrame). Whether we at the salon are working open or closed we are passionate about helping you improve yourself by boosting your confidence. While there’s a million things I love about what I do, my favorite right now is connecting with you virtually. I am so happy you’re here! Now Check our this motivating quick style video. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these Loma haircare products.

Business Updates.
B E T H E 1st T O K N O W
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Every morning, I start my day with a routine. I’ve followed this routine for the last 3-ish years because it’s my favorite way to be ready for the day! The past month I’ve thrown that routine right out the window! I share with you my full face quick makeup in hopes it will inspire you to get a little motivation to be ready to take on anything today.
Here to help as much as I can right now
Every day feels like Sunday! What’s on the agenda for today? For me, it’s: following up with guests, creating video, and updating our website with our new shopping page from 1 link to a whole new page. Followed by a family movie night to celebrate another Q day. I love days when the to-dos are checked off! I find it is so much harder to keep motivated and get things checked off lately. I need motivation help!! Tell me your tips to help keep me motivated today!
Out for some delivery orders today! See you all soon!
💖Steph P
I am absolutely bursting with gratitude! There are so many reasons I’m motivated to do what I do. I love my guests, doing all the hair and making you feel confident. Today, though, I am so thankful for continued business during closed doors because it helps me know you can still have your confidence, plus fav products and smells. Today I cyber-thank Nicole, Kristi, April, Tammy, Chris! !
Thank you Kristi Leigh for your drop off order!
So much fun in my bathroom salon today 😁 I love the “white” that my husband requested, the new charcoal I tried out, and I’m a little sad I didn’t have enough depositing developer to mix the lavender properly. So, it’s only visible outside lol. Maybe I’ll borrow someone’s next week so I can put the dusty lavender hints in.

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