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[07/06/16]   I'm so sadden by the news I got today... 😭😭😭 You have been with me so long... We have bleached, braided, Twisted, flat ironed, curled, yarn braided which was my favorite style on u!!! We spent so many God moments together... I was told that this would be apart of my career, losing my loved clients...1st Father Paul and now Linda Grey as well...I'm so glad I went to ur house to do ur hair... Vomiting in route must have been a sign...(😔) U are forever my angel😇 Missing u dearly Pray 4 me❤️❤️❤️
Rodney Jones Juan Tapia Lamond McCray Stephanie Brown Kali Johnson
[11/14/15]   PROBLEM:::::::There are AWESOME people burying their talents:::::Braiders-----Loc Specialist----Natural Hair Stylist----The State of Michigan is NOW cracking down on unlicensed practitioners:::::::SOLUTION:::::::::GET YOUR L's:::::::Many people have asked me about teaching classes in the city::::::great news:::::: great news:::::::great news::::::: I am finally about to use my instructors license, After having it for three years. I received my instructor license June 25, 2012 and now I can finally walk into the season, that took Forever to reach, depositing my abilities and wealth of knowledge into students::::::::The Natural Hair Cultivation License is needed in Michigan in order for you to do any service for natural hair.... The class starts FEB 9, 2016 you must be registered by JAN 9, 2016.....We have 3 students now and we are expecting 10 in this take off class... Call me, text me, inbox message, email, stop by the salon.... You Need To Go To Your Next Level and I'm ready to be the conduit used to help your process!!!!

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