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Some work from last couple days
Dr Fill In Tired of your hairline? Get the perfect look you want in 5 minutes or less...
Dr Fill In Tired of your beard? Get the perfect look you want in 5 minutes or less...
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Power of a cut.
Ian Branam at palace barbershop come through today
Ian Branam at Palace Barbershop
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[01/19/16]   We have barber called Ian (248) 892-1354
Fam please come thro and support him too.
[01/07/16]   Who knew the city build safety dept. has lots of rules for Barber Shops. But we are almost done folks. Opening new shop very, very soon.

Look out for kids under 10ys "$5

Monday and Tuesdays".

Lets keep the young fellas crispy & on point.
[10/07/15]   Please remember our shop is in Pontiac on 714 W. Huron.
Across the post office, with over 3000 'likes' we need your support.

Come on in.
Aggro Santos Never play with yourself at the barber shop
Shawn's work.
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We now do all phases of natural hair care and extensions; specializing in dread locs, afro roller sets, comb twist, quick weaves, press and curl etc.

Come see us!
[11/16/14]   $5.00 cuts for kids. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Success of this program in our community. 15yrs or under, with parent.

We can now reach even more kids.
[11/09/14]   To our Sunday customers. The shop is closed today: Nov 9th, 2014.

We are repairing our floor.
[11/08/14]   Do you know how to cut hair? We need a barber.

We had 4 people wait'n.
Realized rite there how busy we can be.

Inbox for a job!
Shawn's work.
[11/05/14]   Just a reminder: kids $5.00 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
Design by Shawn.
[10/30/14]   Current Barber: "I've cut more heads here in one day than I did in 2 weeks at my previous shop."

To the barber watch & following on fb:
Ego down, change your work ethic and I will give u a job!

Yes I'm talking to you! Mr Barber man. (Inside thing)
[10/26/14]   Analyzing our customers & frequency of visits for a hair cut. Here's what we found.

1. Most guys come in once a week.
2. Most guys come in on Fridays & Saturday's.
3. Most guys want deals.

We really going crazy now 😳

But from now going forward "ALL CLIENTS"
After three cuts in one calendar month. The FOURTH cut is FREE.

This is our members advantage. By the way membership is FREE as well.

Only one condition: your free cut has to be claimed Mon-Wednesday only.
Today's cuts. Design & simple.
[10/25/14]   Mission accomplished.

We have children and parents feeling good after the $5 cuts.

This proves a barber shop plays a very import part to community.
When anyone has a fresh cut, they feel good.

We are in the feel good business.
[10/22/14]   $5 cuts for kids. Last day today!

714 W. Huron, Pontiac

#pontiacpress #pontiachighshcool
[10/22/14]   $5 cuts for kids tomorrow "Wednesday"

714 W Huron, Pontiac

Ends tomorrow! Last day!

#pontiacnews #imsodetroit #pontiachighschool
[10/20/14]   Lots of interest in the kids $5 cuts.

Make an appointment

josh (248) 747-3796
Shawn (248) 250-4102
Our barber Shawn's work. This is mad skills y'all.
[10/20/14]   Opening special.

Kids under 10yrs accompanied by a parent $5 cuts Monday-Wednesday.

Ask for Josh or Shawn.
[10/19/14]   Barbers are real people, with bills, families and expenses etc like everyone else. When you come into our shop for a simple haircut.
You help in more ways than you would even imagine.

We appreciate your support.

If you haven't supported us yet please try us out.
We on 714 W Huron, pontiac (across the street from the post office).
[10/18/14]   Today has been crazy busy. Great location, regular clients, walk-ins and all these facebook followers.

We not complaining. Keep coming!

Palace Barber Shop

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