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J.Dedman Professional Colorist

9100 E. D. Ave

Richland, MI, 49083

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This girl got an update from...long to shoulder length and lots of blonde added...curly or straight its a stunning new look!
[10/18/20]   💲 Price

The other day received a message from a potential new client.

She asked what my price was for color?

I replied with my current “prices” depends on what you want done.

•All over color
•Highlights & Lowlights
•Fashion Colors

She asked me what my price was for Balayage?

I told her it starts at $130+
She said that she asked another salon/stylist and felt that she was being over quoted for this service.

I also, let her know service pricing will vary depending on who and where you go. Due to what products they use, how long it takes to complete service, how long or thick your hair is and some other factors.

Then, I really thought about what was being asked.

I messaged her again and told her, if she wasn’t satisfied with the price estimate she receives or thought it was priced to high, then to her it was over priced regardless of the
“going” rate.

You see ‘’price’’ is what someone charges.

Value is what something is worth.

Sometimes a price may be higher or lower than what something is worth.

You determine if you value the service or item enough to pay the price that is being charged.

Some people are not coffee people. Paying $5+ for Starbucks Coffee isn’t something they find value in. Therefore It isn’t ‘’worth’’ the price to them.

Some people love purses & bags.
Anytime they go to the mall or store they always look at them. Some are even very expensive. But to them it is ‘worth’ the ‘price’ they pay for them.

If you find value in something, then it is worth the price.

I have tried to make it so my clients new or established, get lots of value while they are in my salon.

When asking how much a service cost, please don’t be rude and say "That’s so expensive, I can go to someone else cheaper!"
Also telling us you want. The works and only want to spend $50, is not ok! In most cases $50 doesn’t even pay for the products used on your hair.

If that’s not in your budget we totally understand & it’s ok!

I will actually work with clients budgets, so you can have amazing hair without the super high price tag. If your budget is more of a partial highlight, I can make a partial highlight look amazing!

When you tell us that we are too expensive... That’s like me going to your job and telling your boss your paying her to much money.

Rude.... Right?!?!

This is how I help support my family, pay our bills, etc...

Hairstylist/Salons are expensive careers and it takes a lot to run my business the right way! This is not a hobby!!!

A good stylist stays educated on all the new techniques. So when you ask me to do a specific technique, I can give you your hair goals.

So.....With that being said consider your words when you respond to a service provider....getting what you pay for in the end is what the value of your service is!

This is from another stylist...but the perfect explanation of scenario!
A couple of clients doing what they do best! ❤
americansalon.com Infectious Disease Expert Says Hair Salons Are a "Medium-Risk" Activity Stop the insanity! :/ americansalon.com While people across the country are adapting to the "new normal," many are wondering which activities are safe to do.
Let's talk about it and manage expectations no need to bash...but much room to educate! A few words to the wise: don’t “box shame” your clients for using at-home hair color during quarantine, and be sure to manage expectations now that they’re back in your chair ❤️ @mallorykate_hair shares more below, and tap the link in our bio for a list of consultation questions you should be asking EVERY client from now on!! 🙌💯 #beautylaunchpad

A visual of what going blonde after using box dye looks like-

The thing is, box dye is completely unpredictable & all of your previous hair history needs to be taken into account when removing box color.
In order to prevent damage, please accept that it will be a process.
Expect that it might take multiple sessions, & hundreds of dollars each 3 hour long appointment.
Expect some warmth.
Its possible to go lighter yes, but patience is key. You might not see a huge difference immediately, and that’s okay, because the alternative would be having your hair break off 🥺
During quarantine I am sure there are some who might have chosen to color your hair at home, so these are the realistic expectations I need you to have in my chair while I try my best to correct it. 🖤
In continuing to keep up to safety and sanitation guidelines I have completed a certified program to enhance my protection of my clients during there visit.
It’s been a while so for your benefit I will leave this posted... hope you are all well can’t wait to be back! 😊
If you must call me for a color recommendation to stay close to what we have worked hard to achieve and to prevent serious color correction on your next visit..or few!😉
During this unconventional time ....DONT be a Rob! 😉
[04/20/20]   Newest UPDATE: 🤞May 28th
Update: Now May 15th... 😔
Currently booking appts. for May1st. 517-282-4850
Lol.... 😆
[04/13/20]   I am going to start booking this week for may 1st everyone who has their year booked out...we will re-evaluate your appt. times get you in first available and reschedule for t rest of 2020...if there are any questions please inbox me also inbox me with preferred appt. times. Thanks for your patience and I hope you and your family are well....
Have a great day and as always thanks for your loyalty and patronage. Joanne
[04/05/20]   Sending love abroad....stay safe my friends..this to shall pass...❤💇🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️💅👄👍
UPDATE: WE ARE NOW currently closed due to Governors orders until mid-April...

We are taking every extra precaution and working lighter and opposite schedules in order to keep our selves and our clients in a safe environment....our small 2 chair salon is spotless also we are sanitizing between each client! Barbacide...91% alcohol...bleach...and disinfectant wipes are the word!!!
[03/18/20]   For all of my elderly and clients.....those who are afraid to come in contact me privately and I will schedule you for a house call until life resumes to normal practices....Please note this is only for current clients of mine! I hope this makes your life easier ☺️
😉❤😊 still working!
[03/16/20]   So just for FYI I would like all my clients to know that I have been very precautionary with appt booking... As I never double book my clients I will also add a 1/2 hour in between clients to make sure if anyone feels uncomfortable they don't have to be around other people or wait in the lobby. With that being said wash your hands... wash your hands... wash your hands and if you are sick please call me and cancel!!!
Now that was a head of hair!! 🙂
click2houston.com 'Monster brows’: In viral post, woman says she received botched microblading procedure; Salon owner defends work Please be diligent in your research for medical treatments in a salon... make sure that they are a licensed Medi Spa with a doctor overseeing them! click2houston.com A Michigan woman said she had to go into hiding after a botched microblading procedure left her with “monster brows.”
Our hair color has no age. This client is 95% grey ...100% grey coverage with GOLDWELL topchic color 100% of the time 😎
May you have a colorful new year!
[08/29/19]   New color pricing will be effect as of jan 1, 20'
Prices to be posted by Nov.
As well as a non-cancellation fee of
$25 per half hour appt.
$50 for color or over one hour spots!
I drive 50 miles each way to the salon and when I have a client that stands me up for a two hour appointment that someone else could have had it has created this! After 2 missed appointments no longer able to book appointments per individual circumstances.
Thanks for your business, always! :-)

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