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[11/26/20]   Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients and friends!!!
[11/26/20]   Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of our clients. We are blessed and thankful
[09/26/20]   Nails by Traci @ Family Styles.
Full sets of gel or acrylic.
Pedicures, Manicures.
Fills and repairs.
Call or text 9896729956
Make your appointment.
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Come see Traci for all of your nail care needs. Call the salon to set up your appointment today. Family Styles Salon would like to welcome Traci Moore to our salon!! She is a licensed nail tech with 20+years experience. Please call 989-868-1531 to book your appt. Today!!
[07/04/20]   Happy 4th of July to all our customers!!
[06/19/20]   Just been told that some salons are charging a covid fee rest assure that Family Styles Salon DOES NOT charge a covid fee!!
[06/10/20]   We have such a huge call volume right now and we are making tons of appointment just keep in mind that we need you to cancel in 24 hours before your appointment or you will be charged for your Service Plus a $5 cancellation fee remember this is how we make our living and put food on the table so when you cancel it's hard for us to fill in your spot!
[06/07/20]   We are so excited to announce that we get to open our doors on June 15th 2020! There will be certain guidelines that we will have to follow and the salon has already been sanitized. So starting now you can start calling to make your appointments for the 15th of June! It's been a long time since our clients have had their hair done and Cheryl and Kathy are so very excited to see all of your smiling faces and challenging hairstyles that you are going to bring us. See you all very soon,😁😘😍 Thank you too all our veterans!! Happy Mother's Day from Cheryl and Kathy!! We can't wait to see you all soon!!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Happy Mother's Day from Cheryl and Kathy!! We can't wait to see you all soon!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Happy Mother's Day from Cheryl and Kathy!! We look forward to seeing you soon!!πŸ’œπŸ’œ

[05/01/20]   Wait on your stylist.

We were there for your first highlight.
We were there when you went to prom.
We were there when you got married.
We were there when you got that positive line on the test to make sure you could still have your hair done.
We were there when you didn't know if you could carry a baby.
We were there when that second baby didn't come so easily.
We were there when your teenager was making you question your parenting skills.
We were there when your mom was diagnosed with cancer.
We were there when your dad died and you couldn't pull it together to shampoo and blow dry your own hair.
We were there while you waited on test results to a scary disease.
We were there when you thought for certain your childs wedding would send you into a nervous break down.
We were there when you and your spouse decided divorce was the only option.
We were there when you lost your job.
We were there when you had an interview.
We were there when postpartum had you so beat down but that new color and cut made you look forward to fixing your hair.
We were there early so you could come without your kids.
We were there late because you didn't get off in time before the salon closed.
We were there missing baseball games, basketball games, jamborees.
We were there making sure you felt as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.
We will be the last ones to take care of you and do your hair one last time when it's time.

Wait on your stylist. We are waiting on you and have been.
Our clients are our family. We share details with each other we wouldn't anyone else.
The bond between a hairdresser and their client is a friendship of trust, love and lots of laughs.

Wait on us. ❀️
[04/28/20]   Just wanted to update everyone on the practices we are putting into place when the Governor allows us to re-open. We really miss all of you and value each and everyone of you. We want to be sure you will be safe and protected when that happens. With that in mind, we are putting into place proticals that will protect you and us to the best of our ability. We will ask that you adhere to the guidelines which will be posted on our door upon entering the salon. Hope everyone understands. We are missing all of you and hope to be able to serve you soon. In the meantime be safe and stay well.

[04/12/20]   Family Styles Salon Wishes Everyone A Very Happy Easter! He Is Risen!!
[03/19/20]   Come on in to our GERM free salon!
[03/18/20]   We are still open !!!! Call us today to make your appointment. Happy New Year to our Family and Friends,!! New Year, New Do!!! Merry Christmas to all our valued clients and friends!! Kathy and Cheryl would like to wish our valued clients a very Happy Thanksgiving!!
Renae's hair turned out gorgeous with adding the new burgandy color!!
Kathy's hair turned out beautiful today!!
[11/11/19]   It's cold and snowing outside come on in it's hot in the salon and get your hair done
[11/11/19]   Happy Veterans Day! Come on in veterans and received $2.00 off your haircut. Thank you to all who have served! We will be closed Monday for labor day. Have a good one!! God Bless our Country!
[08/16/19]   The Salon is closed til Monday 8/19/2019
Everyone deserves a vacation!
We don't mess around when it comes to our wine! We hope you have a safe and fun 4th!

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