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How do you pick a favorite picture?! Also, how do we have a 5 month old baby?!?
Our beautiful Rosie is 5 months old today! She loves to stand on her feet and even take a few (assisted) steps then squat down to pick up her favorite toys 🥰 She loves to see her grandparents and play all day! Rosie loves her feet and will use them to assist getting everything in her mouth. On that note, she hates socks with a passion, but I think that's because her toes don't taste as good with them on! 🤣🤣 We've been watching her start to recognize Tommy and she giggles and squeals when she sees him, though he's still a little timid around the loud, tiny human.
Rose is rolling over with ease now and even getting up on all 4s. We're thinking she's going to be crawling any day now (Momma's not ready for that yet 😭) She just went through a growth spurt, very visible in her arms and legs.
We're so very excited to spend our first Christmas as a little family and can't wait to shower her with love and joy.
👀She's got Hollywood eyes
But you can't shoot what she's seen👀

After multiple lightening sessions and a lot of length off, Kristin is finally back to being blonde!

Book now for your holiday appointment! Christmas is around the corner!

Also, don't forget we have holiday kits that make great gifts for everyone and Disney Princess Wet Brushes for the princesses on your list!
Randolph's is open and ready for YOU!

We know this year has changed many lives, including many stylists who have had to switch careers or are now staying at home with their little ones. If your former stylist has had to make this switch, we want to make sure you are still taken care of.

For the rest of 2020, New guests earn a FREE haircut with any color service! (Please have this post saved to redeem offer)

If seeing a new stylist has your stomach in knots, I want to assure you, my focus is taking care of YOU! We can set up a complimentary Pre-Visit Consultation, via phone or video chat, to assure you are completely comfortable before you even step foot in the salon!
Call Randolph's Salon at 248-560-7777 to schedule!
Redken Mary & Scott Randolph met at a local salon where Mary was a busy hairdresser and Scott was the “shampoo boy” Thirty years later they have 3 Randolph’s Salon Company locations with over 90 team members, 10 of which have been with Randolph's Salon for over 20 years!

Does your salon have a story like this? Comment below and be sure to tag your salon!
Cause I told you my 🌛level of concern🌜
But you walked by like you never heard

Quarantine hair no more 😍😍 @ashytinen was ready to give herself and her hair the TLC they b the deserve.

I've got a couple of availabilities left before Christmas! Message me or call 248-560-7777 to grab your spot!
I just wanna 🌟shine🌟like the sun when it comes up
Run the city from the rooftops
'Cause today's gonna be my day

One plus to WFH orders for a lot of my clients? We can be a bit more creative when it comes to color 😜 Shhhh, don't tell the bosses! 🤫🤫🤫
🌸Let's be reckless, unaffected
Running out until we're breathless
Let's be hopeful, don't get broken
And stay caught up in the moment🌸

👀👀👀 That before! What an incredible change! It's not often my clients go skipping out of the salon but Holly did! An edgy, chocolatey pixie cut is EXACTLY what she needed! 💜
B L A C K | F R I D A Y | W E E K

Are you ready to jump start your holiday shopping? 🎁

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CLARKSTON 248.620.2000
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ROCHESTER HILLS 248.560.7777
B L A C K | F R I D A Y | W E E K

Are you ready to jump start your holiday shopping? 🎁

Randolph’s Salon has you covered! ♥️

Starting this Monday through Saturday you can pick up your 2️⃣5️⃣% off holiday kits in salon or we are offering curbside pick up! 🚘

Call any of our 3 locations ☎️
CLARKSTON 248.620.2000
WHITE LAKE 248.698.8888
ROCHESTER HILLS 248.560.7777
⚡ Thunder only happens when it's raining ⚡

Megan has hair of our --DREAMS--
A little deeper, richer, and caramelly (is that even a word? It is now 😂) for the colder months
🌬️Faster than the wind
Passionate as sin🔥

The rich, warm tones of the fall always give me the best feels. I love how shiny, healthy, and gorgeous Jessica's hair looks after using @redken #shadeseq to add depth to her natural color!
Hi everybody! I know most of us have met IRL, but I wanted to pop in here and reintroduce myself.
I'm Sarah Rogers (Jones). My incredible husband and I have been together from the very beginning of my career, and we were fortunate enough to bring our beautiful daughter, Rosie, into this world this past July.
I've been in the industry for over 6 years now and have been blessed to call @randolphssalon in Rochester my home away from home, since I graduated from @douglasjaveda institute in Royal Oak. I absolutely love my company and my 2nd family! Pixie cuts and vibrant colors are my absolute favorite services to perform, but I truly love every part of my career, down to every last eyebrow arch ❤️
I'm an avid education fan so I appreciate that Randolphs strives to bring us the biggest and best educators to fill our cups. This industry is always changing and we are adamant about keeping on top of the latest trends.
Not only do I love to learn, I love teaching as well. A personal goal of mine is to make sure every client leaves my chair learning something new, whether it's explaining a whirl they never knew they had, how a product I recommend has an alternate use you wouldn't imagine, or it could even be a hot tip about my favorite vegan recipe.
Thanks for allowing me to reintroduce myself. I can't wait to see you!
🍂🍁If you fall apart, then I'm falling right behind you 🍁🍂

Quarantine hair no more. At our last visit, I did an intense red balayage on Jennifer. After the lock down, her hair faded back to blonde, leaving us with a nice canvas to rework. We brought the balayage up higher and brighter, including adding face framing lightness.
🌑It's time to mix it up
And get your glow girl🌑

Growing out an undercut doesn't have to be hard. (Thank you Quarantine 🤣) I cleaned up Dani's overall cut and gave her edgy, pieced out bangs again.
👑To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you're not dancin' on your own👑

A little darker, a little shorter, a lot better! Amanda's loving her toned down balayage 😍😍
🎸🎸Don't try to push your luck, just get out of my way🎸🎸

Jackie and I are on the journey back FROM black (haha, get it? 🤦‍♀️🤣). We are gradually lightening up her root touch ups so we can get her into a softer toned dark brunette.
💎💎You got me feeling diamond rich
Nothing on this planet compares to it💎💎

Transitioning from a summer blonde to winter blonde. I'm here for it 💕💕
Jordan Gulick
New cut, new color, new Stephanie!

Quarantine hair no more! Loving a fresh, new color and stepping out of the comfort zone with a new cut!
Rosie Lee, you're 3 months old today. These few months have flown by and we are completely baffled by how much you've grown. Your smile lights up our lives and brings the happiest tears to my eyes. I never knew I could love someone so much. We love watching you wiggle and play, as you try to roll over. We really love hearing your voice as you try to communicate with us. You're so close to full blown giggles (we've even heard a couple strong attempts!) Momma loves to read and sing to you and Daddy loves playing and making silly noises to earn a grin. We love you so much, our beautiful little baby. ❤️
▪️▪️◾Looking like an angel, but you're savage love◾▪️▪️

Big changes for Erica! We took off a ton of length and added in fresh balayage highlights to brighten and refresh her style!
What better way to celebrate your birthday than a haircut and curls with Momma?! A huge Happy Birthday to Tori!!!
Do you spy your favorite #Redken or #Pureology product? I see all of my favorites, like Colour Fanatic Spray, Iron Shape, and Wind Tossed Texture Spray (and more)!
Come in today and snag your favorites for 25% off!!
▪️🔷▪️We were wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart▪️🔷▪️

Neon orange dreams! I think we're office ready for Halloween!
ıllıllı Living in a world where no one's innocent
Oh, but at least we try ıllıllı

Painted with #redkenfreehand and toned with #shadeseqgloss, Sarah's new #balayage is perfect for the transition into fall 😍

#michiganbalayage #michiganhairstylist #rochesterhair #rochesterhairstylist #rochesterhillsmihairstylist #randolphssalon #randolohssalonrochester
The journey to blonde is a long one but we are on it. One 4 hour session and a healthy haircut, and @makeupbykristinashley is blonde again. We're not quite to her goal yet, but the key to blonding is patience and understanding. This visit included a color removing process, along with a lightening wash and major toning. Our next step (after a few weeks of at home treatments) will be a heavy (and careful) highlight to preserve the integrity of her lightest pieces.
#randolphssalon #rochesterhair #rochesterhairstylist #michiganblonde #blondelife #michiganhairstylist #goingblonde * DID YOU SEE ALL THESE? 😳😜😜
Falling in love with beautiful hair ❤️🧡❤️
Call 248-560-7777 to book your next color!
Back in the swing of things @randolphssalon
Falling into fall with this gorgeous ashy brown balayage on @saulest32 😍 check out how this color reflects in different lighting! It's beautiful no matter where she is!

I'm back in the salon full time so call 248-560-7777 to schedule your next appointment!
After 4 months of long, boring, slow Quarantine, and then the fastest 2 months of my life filled with so much love, I am officially ready to come back to work! A week from Tuesday will be my first day back in the salon and I can't wait! Little Rosie is going to miss Momma and I'm gonna miss her too, but I know all of you need me!
➡️➡️I am asking that during this last week, if you are trying to make an appointment with me, please contact the salon at 248-560-7777.⬅️⬅️

The salon and myself are taking the necessary precautions required in regards to Covid, and as I return to work, it may take a little time to become adjusted to these new requirements. Appointments may take a little longer than usual as we have to add in more time for sanitation. Also, when you arrive for your appointment, we ask you call the salon to check in. Once you're invited in , we will be doing a covid screening as well as a temperature check. We also are requiring all guests wear masks, as mandated across Michigan.

If you'd like to contact me directly, please understand it may take longer than usual for me to respond, but I promise I will!
I can not wait to see you all! ❤️❤️❤️
Welcome to the World, Rose Lee Rogers!
Our sweet baby girl was born Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 at 6:19 AM. After 19 hours of labor and about half an hour of pushing, she came into this world at 7 lbs 14oz and 21 inches long (and a full head of hair for her hairstylist mom to play with!)
We are beyond blessed to have this beautiful girl to call our own. Mom and Rose were discharged from the hospital around 32 hours after birth and are home safe, sound, and healthy.
What a wild experience going through a pandemic while having our first daughter. We missed being able to see the smiles on the faces of the amazing team that worked with us through the whole process, but we know they were there under the masks. Nothing about our labor was exactly what we expected, but it all ended up being wonderful in the end and we are over the moon obsessed with her.
Rose has already had the opportunity to meet both sets of her grandparents, Uncle Ben, Aunt Arielle, and also Aunt Kristin, who we can't thank enough for taking care of our first baby, Thomas the fur baby, and helping us with our first day at home. We're excited to start introducing her to her family, but it has been a wild ride navigating Covid times and we're taking it all one step at a time, along with learning what the heck being a parent actually means.
Randolph's Salon Just a little update on how the salon will be running once our doors open again! ❤️ While we take the safety of our guests and our team very seriously, we may have had a little bit of fun with this video 😊
I am happy to announce, we have a reopening date for the salon! Our doors will be reopening on June 15th. With that in mind, I know all of you have been patiently waiting for this time to come and are incredibly eager to get back to your normal, beautiful selves. Unfortunately with the timing of the pandemic, and my ever growing baby belly, my doctor and I have ultimately decided it will not be safe or healthy for me or baby to return before our her debut. However, I am still going to be helping my clients get taken care of! I, along with our amazing guest service team, will be working through my list of clients who have missed out on appointments over the last few months due to the pandemic, and placing them with my incredible coworkers who are graciously helping support me. Right now, I'm looking for some of my guests who may not have the urgency to be serviced to send me a message or comment below as it would greatly help in organizing 3 months worth of clients.
Otherwise, myself or a member of my team will be reaching out over the next week to start rescheduling. Just one last fyi, our phone lines at the salon will not be open until Tuesday.
I miss each and every one of you so much and cannot wait to be back!
Randolph's Salon For those that don't know, yesterday the governor of Michigan once again extended the stay-at-home order.

The only information we currently have is that hair salons are in phase 5 of the governor's six-phase re-opening plan.

As of right now there is no information available about when phase 5 is supposed to begin.

As soon as we hear any information regarding when we are going to be back we will absolutely make sure all of our guests know it.

Take care, and stay safe everybody.
Randolph's Salon Have this shipped directly to your door! Contact your stylist for details 🤩
Here we are at 32 weeks! Where did the time go?! It feels like I haven't seen anyone in months! (Oh right, I haven't 🤦‍♀️)
Thankfully, spirits are still up in quarantine as our little girl keeps me company. She's growing like a weed (ultrasound tech said she's measuring 4 lbs 15 oz!!!). She's already flipped into head down position (Hallelujah!). Every stage has brought new weird feelings, like a foot or 2 in the ribcage, or a bum sticking out next to my belly button 🤣 and I'm loving (almost) every second of it.
We've managed to get a lot of work done around the apartment, preparing for her arrival, including getting her crib set up ❤️, and slowly kicking Daddy's office out of her nursery.
We know a lot of our friends and family have been asking us if we are still going to be able to have a baby shower so we had to make a decision. We have decided to forgo a shower, much to our disappointment. Unfortunately, we did not see a way to make it happen without knowing what toll social distancing is going to play over the next couple months. Our hopes are to find a way to get together with friends and family after she's made her appearance, but we will have to see what the next few months hold.
We appreciate everyone's kind thoughts and support during all of this. We know many of our loved ones have been asking for information on a registry. While completely unexpected, we are incredibly appreciative of any gifts.
To raise a child it takes a village. Thanks for being part of ours!

We registered through Babylist:

Thank you again to everyone who has reached out to check on us and to those of you who have already found our registry and snuck gifts to us, we thank you too!

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