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Hair by Gabby Pryor I just got an opening if you need in! Wednesday 11/25 at 11am for a color. Message me if you want it
Hair by Gabby Pryor Happy Saturday!
Miss M was all about the warm tones, and then this session she decided she wanted to take a trip towards the cooler tones. I’m loving it! ❄️
Hair by Gabby Pryor ✨Iridescent ✨
Hair by Gabby Pryor Happy Tuesday 🖤
Hair by Gabby Pryor I love how her hair turned out. We decided to go with a more rooted look and dimension 🖤
Hair by Gabby Pryor All the caramel goodness 😍
We are still open! 🙌🏼

Of course we are still taking proper steps and following protocols to ensure everyone’s safety during these unknown times! ❤️ Michigan’s new COVID-19 restrictions, in a nutshell. Effective Wednesday, for three weeks.
Hair by Gabby Pryor Dimension city! Dimension is the perfect addition for a blonde in the fall/winter.
I just had an appointment open up! Tuesday 11/17 at 10am. Let me know if you want it 🖤
Hair by Gabby Pryor Getting her wedding hair ready 💍🥰
Hair by Gabby Pryor Happy Wednesday 🖤
This blonde has come so far! Loving how her hair turned out
Hair by Gabby Pryor Hair goals 🙌🏼
Hair by Gabby Pryor This moms to be wanted to add some dimension into her hair and we love the outcome 🙌🏼
Hair by Gabby Pryor Nothing like a rich brown 😍🤤
Hair by Chelsea Clark Let’s just sit here for a minute and look at this transformation!!!! ❤️
Hair by Gabby Pryor This just screams fall 😍🍂
Hair by Gabby Pryor Brought this beauty back to the dark side for fall 🍁
Hair by Gabby Pryor I only have one opening left for November and limited in December!

Wednesday 11/25-11am *booked*
Tuesday 12/8- 2pm *booked*
Thursday 12/10- 12pm *booked*
Tuesday 12/15- 12pm *booked*
Tuesday 12/22- 2pm
Wednesday 12/23- 11 am &1pm, *booked
Tuesday 12/29- 1pm
Wednesday 12/30- 3pm (cut)
Thursday 12/31- 3pm

These are the rest of my openings for the year!
All are for color and please remember that I will be enforcing by cancellation policy especially during the busy holidays.
Please message me to grab a slot ❤️
Hair by Gabby Pryor Fall colors are the best 🙌🏼
Hair by Gabby Pryor It’s November!!
I only have a few openings for the month, I’ll post them in a bit so message me if you need in.
Starting today off with this blonde ❤️
Hair by Gabby Pryor We chopped Miss C’s hair off last week and I’m living for it, also loving this rooted blonde moment🙌🏼
Hair by Gabby Pryor When your cousin travels an hour to see you, you gotta slay her hair 😍
Hair by Gabby Pryor Elsa vibes over here 🤍🌬❄️
Hair by Gabby Pryor I wish I would have taken a before, but nonetheless, this after is still killing it 🥰
Hair by Chelsea Clark ***I have an opening Friday at 11 for a color!*** (BOOKED)
Hair by Gabby Pryor 🍂🍂🍂
Hair by Chelsea Clark 🖤
Hair by Gabby Pryor The road to blonde can be so pretty 😍 we are getting so close to her goals 🙌🏼
Hair by Chelsea Clark ***Next week openings***

Tuesday 27th
Wednesday 28th
Thursday 29th
***Message me to grab an opening!!
Hair by Chelsea Clark So in love!! 🖤
Hair by Gabby Pryor Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t rock the blonder look ✨
Hair by Chelsea Clark
Hair by Chelsea Clark ***Openings for next week!!! ***

Tuesday 20th
9:00 (BOOKED)

Wednesday 21st
10:00 (BOOKED)
2:00 haircut only (BOOKED)

Thursday 22nd

Friday 23rd
9:00 haircut only (BOOKED)
12:00 (BOOKED)

Message me to get in!!! 😁
Hair by Chelsea Clark Here’s a little fall love for the weekend!! 🖤

***I have some openings for next week!! Message me and I’ll get you in the books!!!!***
Hair by Gabby Pryor Living for this cool toned balayage 😍🖤
Those feathers! 😍 My sister in law is all freshened up 🥰

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