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Sparta, MI, 49345

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[08/21/20]   Hey guys on Tuesday having surgery, I’ll be out for a few days thks ,
[07/06/20]   Hey guys, my son getting married , so the shop we be closed on the8,9 see u on Thursday!! Thks Troy
[06/05/20]   Barbershop will reopen on Monday June 15th, see u guys that week!!
[06/05/20]   The barbershop will reopen on Monday the 15th can’t wait to see u guys!!!!!
[04/27/20]   Sorry guys, we can’t reopen til the 15th or they will pull all of are licensing!! See u guys on the 16th bright and early!!please be safe!!
[04/09/20]   Man!! I sure miss all u guys!!!
[03/25/20]   The barbershop will be closed until April 13 !!! Mandatory shut down by the government sorry guys will be back soon
[12/20/19]   Back on Saturday sorry guys,
[12/20/19]   Due to family members surgery I will be off today sorry, I’ll be back tomorrow on Saturday thks
[08/09/19]   Back at the shop for clipper cuts guys thks
[08/07/19]   Had hand surgery Monday it went well , I’ll be off for a few days sorry guys, I’m trying to get back at the end of the week thks Troy
[08/07/19]   Had surgery on my hand Monday, I’ll be off for a few days sorry guys!! Hopefully back at the end of the week ! Thks Troy
Varsity Barber Shop
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Varsity Barber shop was chosen to be in a Priority Health commercial last week! So excited to see the final product. We'll keep you posted of when it airs.
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Cira 1962 varsity barbershop!!'
Cira 1962 varsity barbershop!!!
Varsity Barber Shop Come see us!!! Varsity Barber Shop is located in downtown Sparta, Michigan on Union Street just south of Division. Troy Marble, proprietor
[05/14/15]   its getting warmer, come on in for a trim, c u soon !!!
[01/13/15]   thks for you friendship and all the work you did on the barbershop pete veldt , your work was second to none, I miss you in every way, but most as my mentor , my friend, and my brother in Christ, I'm so sorry I didn't hear your cry for help, I love u buddy, you were my donna, til we meet again my friend.
Untitled Album new addition to barbershop new addition to barbershop
Thanks Levi and Joni for putting the new roof on today at the varsity barbershop looks great!!!
The new barbershop!
Before and After power washing!! Looks brand new!
Boys working hard thanks Pete Veldt and Veldt builders and remodelers!
Before and After looks great thanks Pete Veldt Veldt builders and remodelers!
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Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Photos from Varsity Barber Shop's post
Photos from Varsity Barber Shop's post

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Varsity Barber Shop

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